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What is Estrostep® Fe?

Estrostep® Fe - An Effective Birth Control Pill That Works For You and With You

You're young, you're active and some say you are very demanding. Nothing wrong with that, especially when you are choosing a birth control pill. The pill is a combination of synthetic progestin and estrogen taken orally to prevent pregnancy. The pill is the most widely used and effective reversible method of birth control available today. Estrostep Fe contains norethindrone acetate and ethinyl estradiol.

What This Means to You

If you are sexually active, or are planning to become sexually active, Estrostep Fe is one of the most reliable ways to prevent pregnancy. When taken correctly, Estrostep Fe, like all birth control pills, is more than 99% effective. Now let's discuss benefits. You will be happy to know that the unique formulation of Estrostep Fe may help you have less nausea and less breakthrough (unscheduled) bleeding. And if you have mild or moderate acne that has not improved with topical treatments, Estrostep Fe can help.

What Makes Estrostep® Fe Different?

Estrostep Fe contains the hormones ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone acetate. These are like estrogen and progesterone, the hormones naturally made in a woman's body. Other birth control pills may also contain these hormones, but Estrostep Fe is designed differently. Only Estrostep Fe has graduated estrogen dosing. This process works because each week the amount of estrogen in the white pills changes. You can tell how much estrogen is in each pill because they have different shapes.

Pill Shapes

When you finish all your white pills, you take the brown reminder pills, which contain iron. They help you keep track of where you are in your pill cycle and help your body replace the iron it loses during your period.

  • It is very important to take your pill at about the same time, or as close as possible, every day.
  • If you miss a pill altogether, take it as soon as you remember and then take your next pill at your usual time. (If this happens, you may need to take two pills in one day.)

Cigarette smoking increases the risk of serious cardiovascular side effects from oral contraceptive use. This risk increases with age and with heavy smoking (15 or more cigarettes per day) and is quite marked in women over 35 years of age. Women who use oral contraceptives are strongly advised not to smoke.

Please see Important Safety Information.

For more information, refer to the Detailed Patient Package Insert section of the Full U.S. Prescribing Information.

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